Pediped Canada

Pediped Canada

We are an authorized retailer of Pediped shoes for babies and kids. Our office, boutique and storage facility is based at 1470 rue Notre-Dame, Lachine (Montreal), H8S 2E1, Quebec, Canada. Pediped shoes for babies and kids are recommended by podiatrists and paediatricians because it is designed to promote healthy foot development. Pediped has won a plethora of awards and is the fastest growing children’s footwear brand. As a future parent, parent, grandparent or gift shopper who cares about comfort, quality, and safety for children, choosing Pediped shoes should be a no-brainer.

Pediped Shoes Awards and Recognition:

  • 2017 Best Footwear Baby and Children’s Product News
  • 2015 Footwear Industry Award… Children’s Footwear Brand of the Year
  • 2014 Family Choice Awards… Children’s and Parenting Products
  • 2013 Baby and Children’s Product News… Reader’s Choice, Best Footwear
  • 2012 She Knows Parenting… Best Toddler and Baby Shoes
  • 2011 Earnshaw’s Magazine Best Footwear

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